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          出口与海外会展业务 中国图书进出口广州公司长期开展中国大陆出版的图书、期刊和电子出版物、音像制品、文房四宝和大文化产品的国际贸易工作。 ...

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          海外会展 / OVERSEAS EXHIBITION

          Our overseas exhibition business is booming as well. We have participated in many international book fairs in Malaysia, Singapore etc achieving successful outcome, which accordingly strengthen our brand awareness in abroad.
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          出口图书 / CHINESE BOOK

          More than 30 years history in the publishing industry, long-term and good business relationship with the publishing houses in China enable us to offer all the books published in China. Furthermore, our professional staff can provide you with book samples, and help you select, purchase and export.

          出口音像 / AUDIO&VIDEO

          Locating in Guangzhou the main publishing center for audio and video products, obtaining absolute advantage in this industry, we can not only supply audio & video products as DVD, VCD, and CD etc. all published in China, but also the guarantee that said products can be approved by quality examination conducted by customs, and thoughtful service package including the sample selection, purchasing, exporting, transportation, etc.

          印刷业务 / PRINT BUSINESS

          We render the print service for the books, magazines and other print business and export service.
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          一般商品 / COMMON COMMODITY

          In addition to publishing products exportation, we expand our business to other commodities in recent years such as digital photo frame, wooden photo frame, clock, orange juicer etc. Furthermore, we act as the sourcing agent for overseas buyers, helping our customer to source the quality products with competitive price.

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